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Who says that no car means no fun? When you're left without transportation of your own, that doesn't mean you should miss out on the exciting parts of life. Whether you're meeting friends at the movies or are going out for a nice dinner, VIP Transport Express, Inc. can help you make the most out of life.

Make all of your social appointments

For anyone to anywhere at any time! That's our promise to you.

Why rely on the bus or taxis when there's a better alternative? Whether you're in a wheelchair, don't have a vehicle of your own or are looking for a reliable company to count on, we're here to assist you.

Let us take you wherever you need to go

Get wherever you need to go

When you have somewhere

to be, we're here to take

you there!


 -  Movie theater

 -  Restaurant

 -  Malls and shopping destinations

 -  Festivals

 -  Haircuts

 -  Beach

 -  Parties and social gatherings

 -  And anywhere you need to go!